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Most exciting, however, is the competition which Cackle's has entered to win a swimming pool; they will be competing against Pentangle's Academy and Moonridge High School. Each school must put on an act, and three judges will choose the winner. Form four then go and find out what tasks they have been assinged for the term. Mildred is made Lantern Monitor, along with Ethel and Drusilla.

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Maud gets First-Year Mentor which Ethel wanted so she could terrorize the first years and Enid is Flower Monitor picking flowers to beautify the classroom. Later, Mildred, Maud and Enid are in Mildred's room, when they see a shooting star outside; Mildred makes a wish. In the staff room, the teachers also see the shooting star. Miss Hardbroom doesn't believe in wishes, she's never had a proper birthday cake to wish on but the other teachers persuade her to make one anyway.

Back in Mildred's room, Tabby isn't too impressed with the new arrival, who Mildred names Star. The next morning, Mildred has to get up early to put out the lanterns, and she takes Star outside for a run around and some food, while no-one is watching, and gives him a wash.

The next day, it is anounced that Form Five's broomstick ballet will be the act to compete in the competition, Ethel isn't impressed. Mildred contiues to focus on her lantern monitor routine, and sneaking Star in and out for his walks.

Wishes Do Come True

Tabby calms down and he and Star get along with each other, and Mildred finds that Star is a good broomstick flier, and starts teaching him to do tricks on the broomstick. Maud and Enid, however, begin to wonder what Mildred is up to, and insist on accompanying her on lantern duty one morning. Mildred reveals Star to them, and they agree to keep him secret.

At lunch time, they go to the hall and watch form five rehearsing their broomstick ballet, which is very good.


To wish upon a star: Exploring Astro Tourism as vehicle for sustainable rural development

Mildred is doing her lantern duty with Star, lighting the lantern in the front hall, when Ethel appears. She wants to know what Mildred is hiding in her bag, and attepts to grab it, but they knock the lantern, which falls and sets light to the ballet costumes. Mildred puts out the blaze with the fire extinguisher, but not before the costumes are burned to shreds.

They suggest that Mildred and Star could perform their broomstick tricks, as a replacement for the ballet. Miss Cackle allows it, and Mildred gets Star back.

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Moonridge High is first, with the "Battle of the Broomsticks", involving Moonridge boys dressed as wizards and dragons. Pentangle's then perform a broomstick ballet, like Cackle's were going to.

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The object that created the Barringer Meteorite Crater about 50, years ago was a nickel-iron meteorite about 50 meters across that massed about , metric tons. This huge rock is clearly large enough to be considered an asteroid but is still commonly referred to as a meteorite. Of course, there have been actual asteroid strikes in the distant past, such as the 10 kilometer asteroid that formed the Chicxulub Crater in Yucatan, Mexico.

When You Wish Upon a Star, Watch Out! The Fall of Star Fund Managers?

Chicxulub is one of the largest impact craters ever discovered on the Earth. That violent event is believed to have triggered the extinction of the dinosaurs and other animal and plant life some 65 million years ago. Most meteorites appear to come from large asteroids that broke up, or never completely formed, billions of years ago. Studying them helps scientists understand the processes taking place deep inside the Earth. This is true for the other planets as well. When the Earth was in the process of being formed and still molten, the metals sank to the center while the lighter materials formed the mantle and rocky crust on the exterior.

Researchers have determined the age of certain ancient meteorite materials and have used that to establish the age of the solar system to be almost 4. The study of these primitive meteorites has yielded clues to the conditions present during planetary formation, as well as the composition and proportion of elements present in the entire solar system. This kind of information supports the process of mission planning for asteroid visits and will ultimately help identify the resources necessary to enable human spacefaring into the solar system.

Meteorites are extremely rare and there are those dedicated to hunting for them. As you pursue your own adventures, you might come across an unusual rock. Happy hunting!

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Northrop Grumman has a long history of research and development resulting in innovation and discovery. The two greatest achievements of modern physics — quantum mechanics and Einstein's theory of general relativity Humans have long fantasized about Mars exploration and colonization.

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