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Do this at your own risk. Collaborate with others to help create any of the products mentioned above and use the power of combined promotion to sell more. Make comics to build a following, which can then be sold products to see the Oatmeal or Gemma Correll who sell books, games, posters and merchandise to their following. Participatory entertainment like playing video games online and earning from sponsorship or more [see Pewdiepie ].

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Write fictional stories online to grow an audience, offering premium content like additional stories and books for sale. Be hired to perform live performance art at events, festivals or hotels and resorts, such as dance, live mural art, painting, music, singing. Work with companies to create art for publicity or advertisements like street paintings, crop circle art, or installations.

Busk and street entertainment for donations. Remember — the only taste of success some people get is to take a bite out of you. Document your creative work process online and accept donations from your audience to continue. Document your creations online and get paid for the advertising or charging for access to extra material. Charge for teaching sessions via webinars, or sell your products and courses through hosting free webinars, like my friend Tom Kuegler.

Create exclusive courses for other companies like Skillshare who will promote the course for you. Make videos or podcasts about your art or art and charge for episodes, premium episodes, earn from advertising, or use the content to sell your products.

Over 65 Ways to Make Money From Your Creative Skills

Write a blog and charge for premium articles. The above applied to video and audio, and charge for premium content, including coaching and online seminars. Rockefeller Jr. Charge for workshops and promote them yourself. Lecture and give classes and workshops at schools and universities.

Weigh the implications of selling access to you

Tutor, teach people one-to-one at their homes or in coffee shops or co-working spaces. Be paid for giving talks and lectures about your art at conferences or do them for free and build an audience to sell to. Coach and mentor others for a fee. Create and charge for membership content such as training or entertainment. Clearly there are a lot of options out there. Hopefully this will stir up some new ideas for creating income from your art and creative experience that others can benefit from.

These can all be helpful for several useful income streams. My advice, however, is over the long term to focus on a particular area of expertise, and to develop mastery and build value in that one area. Wonderful overcome! Melissa Gonzalez did the same thing for her design and pop-up retail agency. She put most of what she knew about pop-up retail in her book, and it doubled her business in two years. Mark Sisson is one of the best in this space.

Top 10 Ways Artists Make Money

He started Primal Blueprint and has published nearly a dozen books about his version of the paleo diet. He sells them on Amazon, and even gives many of them away on his site. Not only do they help people eat right, but Mark also has a complete line of Primal Blueprint supplements and food that people can buy. What about a book that teaches you what supplements to take, when, and why?

Mark has great books on eating that you trust, which automatically give his supplement recommendations more credibility. There are many people who have paid mastermind groups. James Maskell runs the Evolution of Medicine Summit and mastermind group where tens of thousands of health professionals meet and discuss topics.

How to Make a Living Writing Fiction. (You aren’t going to like this.)

His book The Evolution of Medicine has been a great way for him to find and recruit new members. Ari Meisel runs the Less Doing mastermind group. Many of his clients find out about him and his group through his books.

This is exactly what happened to David Kadavy. He wrote a book called Design for Hackers. He wrote it for a very niche audience, and it ended up crushing him. He was flooded with design work.

Here’s how that’s gone for me.

He had to create an agency and hand everything off by hiring someone to run it for him and he created a course which does very well, too. However, if they get the author to come in, give a presentation, and answer questions for a day, they can teach the stuff.

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Mona Patel wrote the book Reframe and now holds workshops based on applying the principles in her book. They routinely sell out, and both the book and the workshops reinforce each other. The book leads people to the workshop, and she sells copies of her book to people who come to the workshop. They are trusting you with their assets, so they want to know you and understand who you are and what you believe. For Jorge Newbery, this was a revelation.

So he wrote a book about his journey, Burn Zones. This only applies to business owners and high-level executives, but for them, there is almost no better way to get great people to work with you than by laying your vision for your company out in a book. Stephan Aarstol used his book, The Five-Hour Workday to lay out his vision of a different way for a company to work.

His vision struck a chord , and as result, he was flooded with both attention for his company and product sales. Thousands of people rushed to apply to work with him. Bob Glazer has an amazing company that helps big brands use affiliate marketing—but this is really hard to message. So he put his ideas into a book. And in less than a year, he signed up dozens of major brands and grew his company to over employees.

The same thing happened with Phillip Stutts. He runs a marketing agency that helps politicians use digital marketing. What happened? The corporate side of his business more than doubled in a year. If your book teaches something for which there is a high ROI for the reader, you can create what amounts to an advanced version that is delivered as a video course, charge much more money for it, then use the book to push people to that course.

This is rational, because many people learn more easily from video and audio materials than they do from books. His book is about how to use LinkedIn to drive sales in your company, and the book, along with being very good, ends up driving many people to his advanced video course. Jason Fladlien did the same thing. A book is a great way for a company to sell software, especially SaaS software.

The 3 best ways for beginners to make extra money

The best example is HubSpot , the company that invented inbound marketing. What did they do to promote it? Among other things, they wrote a book called Inbound Marketing. Other Editions 6. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Make Art Make Money , please sign up.

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