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This place is awesome. Somehow this girl seemed to have a superior attitude that annoyed him.

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So it was going to kind of be a special week for us. Guess we picked a bad time. What kind of girl was this? Where had she been living all her life? She seemed like she would probably be smart enough, but also seemed not to know anything basic to life.

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Ethan lit the fire and held his hands over it as it provided the first small burst of warmth. From outside, Brad came in loaded down with their luggage, a cold gust of wind chasing in after him. He went over to the couch, took a seat, pulled out his phone, and began fiddling with it as if searching for something. Skipper came over and tried to lick him, but he was paying no attention to his dog. She had gone over and taken a seat on one of the big overstuffed chairs by the fire. She looked as lost as Scott. Her dogs padded back up to her, and she took them on her lap, still wearing the long fur coat.

Although from what he could see of her body under that coat, she certainly was not a child. Adult excerpt. Scott got on the bed with her. She opened her arms for him to take her in his grasp. He reached over to the bedside table, picked up the remote, and turned off the TV with it. I guess I should get used to it.

This time tomorrow night my old life will have probably started for me all over again. She silenced him with a kiss on his lips. This may be the last chance we have. She stripped away his towel, and he was as naked as she was. They fell into the covers of the bed. She readjusted her body and brought them into a sixty-nine position. Spreading her legs for his mouth, she quickly felt his tongue licking along her pussy lips. His cock, already enormous and still growing, slipped inside her mouth. The next thing she knew he had rolled her onto her back with her legs up over his shoulders and he was entering her, taking long, desperate plunges deep inside her pussy.

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Just as the first orgasmic wave was washing across every muscle in her body, Brad came out of the bathroom and joined them. Scott slowly pulled her up to him, never ending the physical connection of their bodies as he did so. Holding her pussy fully sheathed over his cock, he lay back flat on the small bed and she found herself on top of him, her legs spread across his hips. He pulled her down flat against his chest and held her in position tightly.

She knew something was up when Brad repositioned himself behind them on the bed. The two brothers had something planned for her.

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She heard the slick, squishy sound and smelled the musky odor of the lube Brad was spreading down his cock. Scott had temporarily stopped moving inside her. He stroked her back lovingly. His index finger penetrated her back there slowly and lovingly. She could still smell the faint aroma of the lube he had used. It hung on the air, sweet and musky.

She could feel the probing of his long finger inside her body, in her up to the knuckle. She closed her eyes and saw stars float before her vision. She let out a low moan that rose from deep in her chest. She threw back her head, her long hair falling wildly down her naked back. The double attention from the two men was glorious.

He gave her a big bear hug from behind, his arms wrapping around her, finding her nipples in front and fondling them softly.

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Brad pulled her hair aside and kissed the back of her neck. He was quick to oblige her. This forced the moving cock inside her pussy out by a few inches but provided gratifying friction between the hardened muscles of his cock and her pussy lips, and his swollen head was still lodged firmly inside her. She lay still and tried to relax her muscles. By this time her anus had been well lubricated, and with her position astride Scott, it was presented to Brad.

Scott reached behind her and spread her butt checks with rough hands. Brad mounted her from behind.

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She felt his cockhead rudely begin to intrude on her sphincter, pushing back the tightened muscles and opening them up for entrance. Scott wrapped his arms around her and gave another thrust, positioning his cock back deep inside her. Chrissie let out a sob and gripped his naked body to her own beneath her as tight as she could. She travels the world on concert tours, owns a home in Hollywood, and has a pop singer as her boyfriend. But she doesn't want any of this.

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What she wants is to have a normal life like everyone else. While in Aspen for a celebrity dinner, she catches her boyfriend cheating and has had enough. She decides to leave her old life behind without telling anyone. She gets in a car and heads into a snowstorm in the mountains. She doesn't make it far in the storm before her car is hopelessly stranded. Coming to her rescue are three rugged and handsome brothers. The only problem is they don't know who she is.

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