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You will also use the 20 Delicate Copper Wire that you just made in the process of making these.

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You should also hang on to the Bronze Settings for later use. Also make sure you save your Mithril Filigrees. Then smelt these ores into bars and use 40 of the Mithril Filigrees you made earlier to create 20 of these rings.

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Learn Artisan Jewelcrafting Citrine Ring of Rapid Healingx Acquire 25 Citrine from the Auction House as there is no ideal place to farm these as well as 50 Mithril Bars from the Auction House or you can create your own refer to for more information Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior x 5: Acquire 5 Aquamarine from the Auction House as there is no ideal place to farm these and use the remaining 15 Mithril Filigrees that you created earlier to create 5 of these. Acquire Mercirual Adamantite from the AH or create your own if you have the materials. Learn Grand Master Jewelcrafting You will need to purchase around 60 gems and cut them for these levels, cut any that are orange to you until they will become yellow but you will need to continue cutting it until you have rached Rate is Disabled.

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The occasional Intricate piece also, but on PC those were more expensive generally than the trash jewelry. That's pretty much it. Just decon crap. I hope on a dolmen chain in like alikir and just clear dolmens.

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Get a jewelry piece from pretty much every one of them. You can get stuff to decon as well from the magus at the mages guild. Just a thought: Don't be in too much of a rush, unless you want to make crafted jewelry for sets. Upgrading jewelry, imo, is still way over priced. Yes, this is very true. There's not much point in powerlevelling if you haven't got your trait research well under way as well. Lots of deconstruction. Should be cp jewellery for maximum gains and low-level jewellery will be barely noticeable.