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Known throughout the land, especially by women and always by different names, a sloppy-drunk jam with Wheatgrass convinced O'La to seek refuge in the Seven Hills of Somerville.

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Or was it the mounting warrants and paternity suits? Speaking of suits, Professor emeritus Early Bird lived in an ivory tower with a wool sports jacket and patched elbows, turning out fan fiction between teaching expository writing to millennials. Until he got caught smoking banana peels with students in their dormitory. And her mother. I floated back into the club with these other jug-heads, so glad I went outside to check the cloud cover with them.

First Name. Last Name. Note: They make a cabinet specifically for the Haze, but it should also work great with the C below. The width is an identical Another great JCM, original series, very clean, and monster sounding 80's Marshall. The is a watter dual 's with channel switching and reverb. Along with the W version of this head , this is my personal favorite of the JCM range. The was one of the few models that were "new" to the JCM line, i. Features include a "Normal" channel and "Boost" channel, the former with only gain - bass - treble controls; while the Boost has a red light when engaged, and has the usual bass-mid-treble-volume-gain.

Both channels share a master volume thus 3 gain stages on the Boost channel - and overdrive ability on the Normal channel - plus a shared Presence control and master Reverb. The rear panel has an effects loop and D. Other than some black paint along the bottom edge of the back panel, this amp is in nice shape with clean panels and covering - definitely nice shape for an which are notorious for road wear.

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Includes recent Marshall footswitch which we can re-label the second button as "Reverb" if desired. Fairly rare cabinet which was a high-power version of the A, made expressly for the higher powered W Model guitar or Model bass heads. Although you don't see many of these on this side of the pond, they were actually in catalogs from '82 to ' From what I've read, original speakers for this cabinet would have likely been G12H Celestions.

This, combined with the fact that these speakers will only handle W, makes me fairly sure that they're not original to this cabinet. As you can see, this cab has been roaded a bit and the covering in back has been torn. Originality aside, this is a pretty rare cab compared to the common A and, especially if you're into hard rock, these G12M's are good sounding speakers. The new cost on these was 2X the cost of a W head and because of this--plus the fact that they're simply too loud for anything other than a stadium tour--very few were produced.

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Bottom cab for your full stack, includes casters. Loaded with original British Celestion G12T, 75W speakers, this W cab should never blow a speaker and has obviously worked night after night for many years. Discount for local pickup. Cab is in typical used condition with a few tears to the tolex on back, but looks pretty good from the audience perspective. Okay, ignore the pea green cab. It's what's inside that counts. What we have here is a very old hand-wired Mullard amp, which was a very popular circuit in England as soon as it was published in "Practical Wireless" magazine in and, in fact, this same amp is being built today.

Mullard created this circuit and published it as a means to sell their vacuum tubes "If you build it they will come The amplifier featured five tubes and an output of 10 watts - hence the model name "". Of those tubes, one was a diode-rectifier an EZ80 , one was a pre-amplifier pentode EF86 and one a double-triode ECC83 as phase-splitter. The power amplification was handled by a pair of EL84 working in push-pull configuration. Mullard also had a variation, , which was a watter that substituted EL34's for the increased power. There is a lot of info on this amp on the web in various UK usegroups.

Click here for the best site I found with a blow-up of the original magazine pages which introduced the amp and another useful link is here. It is a quality made piece with a steel chassis and attractive gold paint including a bottom plate to seal in the circuit. Controls, Bakelite knobs of course, are an input selector switch, bass, treble, and volume. The power input jack is in the back and is the typical 2-post UK type I probably have one around here somewhere. On the left side of the unit is another power input which I am guessing was to plug in a record player or radio tuner there's an antenna jack mounted to the chassis - and small plate with two widely spaced pin holes which I believe was the UK standard for speaker jacks, to be used if you wanted to hook up an extension speaker.

The power transformer is tappable with a jumper to select your required power. Unfortunately, it's wired or V, V, V, and V, so you'll need a step-down transformer to use it. Since they are painted, I don't know if these trannies are Partridge but chances are many of these component will work on early Vox amps and other UK gear or if you're an audio collector, it's a pretty cool find, especially in the USA. In my search I found that some of the later models had circuit boards, rather than this point-to-point soldering.

Personally, I think it would be a pretty cool project to transform it into a guitar amp.

Because I don't have a way to test it, it's being sold "as is" but I will offer a refund, less shipping, if you're not happy with it. I'll mention though that this came from my old "UK-connection" and a few dozen other pieces, all guitar amps, I got from him all worked fine.

This unit is in very tidy condition for its age, even the old Wharfedale speaker looks clean, although there is a little dark gunk around the trannies that probably needs some goo-gone to remove. If you're playing one guitar over two amps, but you want to send both amps through the same speaker cabinet - here's the answer, the Palmer E-FROG.

Polytone , ca. Bass amplification has come a long way.

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Since that time technology has come a long way and headroom is what it's all about and at watts 4 ohms 8 , there's enough headroom here to handle any club venue you might come across. SWR has had specialized in great bass amplification, and ONLY bass amplification, for a few decades and, although not cheap, it's the best gear on the market for a moderate price. Dollar for dollar, nothing beats SWR for bass amplification in my opinion. While it's fairly expensive, it's still within the range of most players and the tone can't be beat at any price. This Bass is a good example.

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This model ran from '92 to '02, usually with a red panel which changed to this chrome panel the last few years. It's straight ahead, without load of switches or graphic EQ that largely duplicates the active EQ pots, but you can dial in a great tone with any bass and make adjustments to suit any song or venue. I used the Basic for a few years with nothing but a 2X10 cabinet and the tone was outstanding.

Manual is downloadable here. The 1X15 cabinet is made by Gries, a small company in Mass.

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It's an extremely well made cab, built for years of use. It's covered in black tolex with metal corners, black basket weave grill cloth, rear ported, and weighs in at just 40 lbs. Speaker is an Eminence cast frame watt 8 ohm with neodymium magnet. Size is around 21X21X16, big enough to give you loads of bottom end and thump.

Rack is a CNB 2-space padded, very solidly built with compartments for cables, pedals, etc. SWR Workingman's One of the later additions to the popular Workingman series.

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It's barely used and very clean shape cosmetically. Full specs and manual are at SWR's site here. If the Workingman above isn't enough power for the big gigs, this baby will rattle the drinks in the back of the room. Also included on the back panel is an external line mains fuse. You can use this with your existing preamp, or in the case of the Workingman below, you can use the watts from the Workingman to power your high frequencies such as 10" cabinet , and this amp to power your lows such as a 2X15" cab.

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Full specs are at SWR's site here. This amp had a long run, from '91 to '01, while this one is a ' Never abused and good shape for a used amp. Includes original manual. One of the most ingenious and best sounding amps of all time. Although there are a few imitators on the market, THD was the first and remains the best, and the one that's overbuilt like no other. The UniValve delivers tones from smooth and clear to very aggressive overdrive and is easily capable of driving a 4 x 12" cabinet, yet quite small and light.


It has a built-in Hot Plate Power Attenuator that allows for full output distortion at almost any volume. It features 2 inputs: one for high gain and one for low gain, with Volume, Treble, Bass, as well as Attitude control knob which adds more harmonics and treble for a more edgy sound, while turning it down gives you a sweeter and warmer tone even when over-driven. A switch selects full power or attenuator, which, when activated, kicks in a built-in Hot Plate output attenuator which is also sold separately by THD and is one of the best attenuators made and features a hard bypass.

This noise reduction circuit and the transformer-isolated line output make this amp perfect for driving other larger guitar amps or power amps without that overly harsh tone you hear from most guitar line outputs.