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Brief definition or restatement Synonyms and antonyms Examples Brief Definition or Restatement Sometimes a text directly states the definition or a restatement of the unknown word. Consider the following example: If you visit Alaska, you will likely see many glaciers, or slow moving masses of ice.

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Synonyms and Antonyms Sometimes a text gives a synonym of the unknown word to signal the meaning of the unfamiliar word: When you interpret an image, you actively question and examine what the image connotes and suggests. I abhor clothes shopping, but I adore grocery shopping. Tip Look for signal words like such as , for instance , and for example.

Tip In addition to context clues to help you figure out the meaning of a word, examine the following word parts: prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Writing at Work Jargon a type of shorthand communication often used in the workplace. Key Takeaways Context clues are words or phrases within a text that help clarify vocabulary that is unknown to you. There are several types of context clues including brief definition and restatement, synonyms and antonyms, and example. Exercises 1. Lucinda is very adroit on the balance beam, but Constance is rather clumsy.

I saw the entomologist , a scientist who studies insects, cradle the giant dung beetle in her palm. His rancor , or hatred, for socializing resulted in a life of loneliness and boredom. Martin was mortified , way beyond embarrassment, when his friends teamed up to shove him into the pool. The petulant four-year-old had a baby sister who was, on the contrary, not grouchy at all.

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The philosophy teacher presented the students with several conundrums , or riddles, to solve. Most Americans are omnivores , people that eat both plants and animals. Elena is effervescent , as excited as a cheerleader, for example, when she meets someone for the first time. Writing Application.

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If you like water, as I do, you will learn a lot. I learned I have a huge gap in my knowledge in the latter area, despite having spent a large chunk of my life scrambling around it.